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Myrtle Beach State Park Shooting has Local Officer Under Investigation

The Horry County Police Department has admitted that a shooting episode at the Myrtle Beach State Park did result in one man being injured and that one of their officer’s actions during the event are currently under investigation.


Officers first went to the Myrtle Beach State Park in response to a call of a person who was behaving suspiciously. The caller said the man had a rifle. The responding officers found the individual in questions sitting inside a vehicle. One officer walked up the car and asked the occupant to get out.

Not only did the man refuse to comply with the order, police reports indicate that he “acted in a way” that led the officer to firing his weapon, injuring the man, who was transported to the hospital for treatment. No word as to whether or not the man was actually armed. The officer in question has been placed on administrative activities until the conclusion of the investigation.

10849243_G“It’s my greatest hope that the investigation will reveal that the officer did nothing wrong, and that this was a case of him following police procedure and protecting himself in the proper and legal manner,” said John Bales Attorneys, member of a top personal injury firm with an office headquartered in Florida.

Although they sometimes seem to forget it, police officers aren’t above the letter of the law. Rules are in place to create a series of checks and balances that allow the officers to uphold the law without resorting to measures that would lead to a police state type of justice system. The problem is that sometimes even the best officers make a mistake that results in someone getting hurt, or worse.

When this happens, measures can be taken to encourage the officers to stop, think, and use more care the next time they’re in a similar situation. One of these measures is done in the civil court system.

If someone has been injured as the result of a misjudgment a police officer has made, they are well within their legal rights to file a lawsuit against the officer, the police department, or anyone else who could have done something to prevent the incident from occurring. The terms of the lawsuit allow the injured party to seek financial compensation for the losses they sustained as a result of the incident. In most cases, the plaintiff chooses to ask for lost wages, medical expense, and pain and suffering.

lightsIt’s important to remember that every single personal injury case is quite different. The only way to determine if you will be successful in a civil case is contacting an experienced law firm, such as Jhon Bales.

During a free consultation, they will listen as you describe the details of your unique case and offer their legal opinion about how they think you should proceed. If everyone determines that a lawsuit is the best course of action, your personal injury lawyer will support and guide you through each step of the process.