Settlement Reached Between Melissa Rivers and the Medical Establishment Responsible for Her Mother’s Death

The medical malpractice case Melissa Rivers filed after the death of her famous mother, Joan Rivers, has been settled. Joan Rivers was a fashion icon and comedian who was admitted to a New York medical clinic, The Yorkville Endoscopy, for an endoscopy in 2014. After she passed away, an autopsy revealed that she’d died as a direct result of brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen during the endoscopy. Melissa Rivers filed the medical malpractice suit the following January. The amount of the settlement was not released, which is normal when cases are resolved outside of court.

15768423-largeMelissa River’s handled her mother’s medical malpractice case perfectly. She read the medical reports, she looked at the facts, and when she realized that her mother’s death could have been prevented, she enlisted the services of a legal team who helped her resolve the matter. It’s exactly what anyone who has lost someone as a result of a mistake made by a medical team should do.”

When you enter a medical facility, you expect that the medical team will provide you with the best possible care and will do everything in their power to make sure you leave the clinic in better shape than what you were in when you entered it. Sadly, medical teams are human, and as such they’re prone to making mistakes just like all people. The problem is that when medical teams experience a lapse in judgement or temporary shift in their focus, the results are all too often fatal.

joan-riversA death caused by a mistake made by medical personal isn’t something you just have to accept. While there’s nothing that can be done to bring your loved one back, you can take legal steps to ensure that no one has to experience the same grief and sense of loss that you’re going through.

Don’t assume that the medical team will step up and simply take the blame for their mistakes and offer you a settlement. They rarely do. The best way to resolve the matter is with the help of a good personal injury lawyer who specializes in medical malpractice and wrongful death cases.

medical-malpracticeNot only will your personal injury attorney help you file the necessary paperwork, they’ll also launch an in depth investigation that explores all the nuances of your case. Based on what they find, they’ll offer advice about who should be listed as the defendants in the case and how large a settlement you should request.

Don’t assume that just because you’re filing a medical malpractice case, that you’ll be forced to attend a trial. More often than not, these cases are settled outside a courtroom during the negotiation phase.

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