Month: May 2016

Shopper Files a $50,000 Lawsuit Against Burlington Coat Factory Following Slip and Fall Injury


The Burlington Coat Factory is facing a negligence lawsuit after St. Clair resident, Yvonne Tucker slipped and fell while she was at the store. The St. Clair County Circuit Court received the paperwork pertaining to the accident on March 1, 2016. The businesses named in the lawsuit include:

  • Burlington Coat Factory Direct Corporation
  • Fairview Heights Improvements LLC
  • Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse of East St. Louis Inc
  • Burlington Coat Factory of Illinois LLC

slip-and-fall-injuries_2The slip and fall lawsuit sites negligence. According to the paperwork filed by Tucker’s slip and fall injury attorney, Tucker was shopping at Burlington Coat Factory when her foot slipped on some sort of substance on the floor, causing her to crash to the ground. Her attorney feels that the store was negligent in not only allowing the slick substance to remain on the floor, but also for failing to correct the condition of the floor or to erect a barricade that would have alerted Tucker to the situation and prevented the accident from happening.

As a direct result of the accident, Tucker not only experienced a great deal of pain, she lost wages as a result of her injuries and also accumulated medical bills. She’s also worried that the accident will have a detrimental impact on her future ability to earn a living.

According to the paperwork Tucker’s slip and fall injury attorney filed, Tucker is seeking $50,000 from each business named in the lawsuit to help her recover her monetary expenses, lost wages, and to help compensate for the suffering she experienced.

Slip and fall injuries are a huge problem in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in a 12 month period, more than 1 million people in the United States have been injured in a slip and fall accident, and more than 17,000 people die each year as a direct result of the accident.

slip-and-fallIf you have been injured in a slip and fall injury, you shouldn’t simply assume that the persons responsible for creating the environment that caused you to fall will voluntarily pay your medical bills and compensate your pain and suffering.. More often than not, getting the compensation you deserve requires you to enlist the services of a slip and fall injury attorney. Not only will the slip and fall injury attorney help you understand your rights, but they will also help you with the filing process and guide you through the upcoming rounds of negotiations and court hearings. The most important thing the slip and fall injury attorney does is make sure that none of your rights are violated during the course of the law suit.  For more information and help you can contact John Bales legal team

If you find yourself in need of a slip and fall attorney, you don’t want to hire the first name you pick out of the phone book. Take your time and choose an attorney that has a great deal of experience with cases similar to yours and who is genuinely concerned about your future.