Month: June 2016

Violent South Carolina Crash Leads to Major Injuries After Teen Runs Stop Sign

On Thursday afternoon, a bad crash rocked South Carolina. One car involved in the accident almost went into a home and four people involved were transported to the hospital.

Of those sent to the hospital, one was a mother and her terrified four-year-old daughter rode along with her. These two were in a BMW that was driven by another woman. The driver of the BMW suffered the most serious injuries in the crash. A witness to the accident stated, “They had to cut the car to take her out. It looked like, at one point, her hand went down like she fainted.”

The sound of the crash could be heard as far as a block away, according to residents in the area. One of vehicles involved landed right next to a house at the scene.

A neighbor who lives in the area of the crash, Eudaldo Cuello, told reporters, “I live five houses down and I heard a loud noise. It doesn’t sound like a normal crash, it sounds like a bomb.” The other vehicle involved in the crash was a Nissan and there were teens as driver and passenger.

According to the South Carolina Highway Patrol, the two teens in the Nissan were on 43rd Street going east and they ran right into the BMW. This vehicle was on 87th Avenue going north.

The teen driving the Nissan should not have been driving and he did not stop at a stop sign, causing the accident, according to police. “The individual who caused the accident by running the stop sign, was a minor operating a vehicle with a learner’s permit,” according to Joe Sanchez of the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

This was a preventable accident. The law in South Carolina states that teenage drivers with the learner’s permit can only operate a vehicle when there is a licensed adult present. Both of the teens in this accident were 16 years of age and both attend Southwest Senior High School.

The conditions of two of the four victims was known at the time of publication: one was listed as being in the hospital in critical condition and another was listed in the hospital as a trauma alert. It is not known which of the victims these describe. It is also not known what the condition of the other two victims were at the time.

“When it comes to personal liability in a vehicle crash, the matter can be quite complicated,” according to Attorneys Joe and Martin of South Carolina’s top personal injury law firm. “The victims are dealing with the worst day of their lives and there is both a financial and an emotional toll associated with this kind of tragedy.” For more visit

The biggest problem with young people is that they do not learn good road signs and traffic regulations. Often they drive fast and under the influence of alcohol. It is necessary to increase the control of traffic but it also needs to increase control and the driving school.

The crash is still being investigated and local police and the South Carolina Highway Patrol are working to reconstruct the scene and interview other potential witnesses. The four victims remain in the hospital and the public awaits an update on their status.